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My name is Reid Wurtz, I am from Lawrenceburg, IN. Ever since my dad took me deer hunting when I was 6 yrs old I have been hooked. I began goose and duck hunting  when I met my good friends Andrew Decker and Adam Daughtery about 5 years ago. I have recently started my own hunting organization called Migration Ambush Outdoors, we put together a group of guys that are ecperienved in almost every aspect of hunting. Also, I never go out hunting unless my good buddy Scott Schloemer and my dad "Bob Wurtz" are by my side. When hunting I'm usually the one calling, but to me its not about calling to the birds, it's more about talking to them, the more and more you get out into the outdoors the more you appreicate god's creations. So take a friend, family member, or a kid along on your next adventure! 

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