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Matt Ferland

Matt started hunting around 5 years old. Not yet old enough to carry a gun, but if his father was going he was too. His family owned a retail sporting goods store, so every day after school that is where he went. His first tasks back then was cupping up night crawlers and cleaning. From that Matt moved his way up in the business to eventually ownership. His business was the first store in the country to sell mechanical broadheads and, he helped with the testing of that product. He has shot competitive 3D archery tournaments for a few Archery equipment manufactures. Matt has also enjoyed success in winning several trap shooting and sporting clays events. He was the first mate on a fishing charter on Lake Ontario for several years during summer breaks and was one of New York’s youngest Hunter Education instructors. One of his favorite things to do is taking new turkey hunters afield to get their first birds. That is how he got the nickname Turkey Whisperer.

His obsession with the outdoors drove him to start to pursue game whenever and wherever he could and to date he has hunted and fished in twenty-three states and five providences with hopes of hitting them all one day.

Currently Matt works for Otis Technology which makes The Most Advanced Gun Care Systems in the World. He is the Field Marketing Manager and a member of the Hunting Pro Staff. Some people hunt for fun, some because of the social aspects, for him it is deeply imbedded in his DNA. Matt says: “It is like breathing, you only realize how important it is when you’re not doing it.”

A quote from Randy Newburg, the host of On Your Own Adventures, “in the hunting industry, a lot of times we deal with people who do not hunt. Matt hunts, he gets it better than most anyone I have met in the hunting industry. He is the easy going kind of guy anyone would enjoy sharing camp with.”

Matt feels it is very rewarding to know you are respected for what you do and how you carry yourself in your work and personal life. He is the first to admit he is not the greatest hunter out there but, he is in the industry for the right reasons and cares more than most about our fellow sportsmen and women. He knows how it is vitally important to stick together as a whole, learn from each other, and always be positive and proud to speak about who we are and what we do. Fred Bear said: “if you are not working to protect hunting, then you are working to destroy it.” You can go one step further and include shooting sports also. Matt is always honest if asked about a product and hopes to always leave the people he meets with a smile from either cracking a joke or conveying his true passion and respect for the outdoors.

Matt lives by two rules #1---- If it breathes air, try and hunt it. # 2---- If it swims, try and catch it.

Television Appearances: Americana Outdoors, Hunters Handbook, Primal Adventures, On Your Own Adventures, Ammo and Attitude, several product spot commercials

Prostaff member of these fine companies Otis Technology, Hevi-Shot, Buck Gardner Calls, Mossy Oak

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