Dead Coyote, What a great product! Seven shots, four dead coyotes and 3 dead bobcats. Every animal dead in its tracks, no trailing. Thanks.

Steve Ward

I just wanted to drop you a line and you can share this with other people if you want. My hunting group consists of my brother, my nephew, and two to three friends. We harvest an average 150+ canada geese a year we all work full time jobs but hunt every day we can. I use a Benilli Super Black EagleII 12 gauge and use an extended range patternmaster choke tube.I have shot both 3 1/2 hevi-shot and hevi-steel and are using hevi-steel predomently. I am dropping greater canada geese from 30 yards to 50 yards with just hevi-steel 2s. I used to use steel BBs and they did alright but not like the hevi-steel 2s. Just two days ago December 27th,2008 I was by myself I put decoys out 30 yards knowing the geese would be at least be 40 yards when they dropped outside of my spread. I had 2 groups of 10-12 birds come in outside of the spread and with hevi-steel 2s killed 2 birds dead at 40+ yards and 1 at 30 yards dead. This was in the morning I went back out the afternoon and same set up had 12,2 number of birds come in. Killing dead three birds at 40-50 yards. The next day I went with a group of guess and all shot at a high flying bird with steel BBs and couldnt bring him down and with one shot killed the bird dead at 40+ yards in the air. They could not believe I shot that goose with a hevi-steel 2. The pattern with the hevi-steel 2s is perfect no holes in the pattern and that is why I will not change. I thought I would just pass this info along to maybe help other hunters.

Max Hoskinson

I bought a box of Hevisteel last year 3.5" 1 3/8 ounce b for fun as it was on sale. Well you have a customer for life now! 
We were out goose hunting this weekend and we needed two more for our limit. Five came in my friend dropped one 
figuring I would get one too, well I forgot my safety (doh!).  Anyways I figured out what happened and I shot at a goose
that was 65+ yards out. STONED!!!! Stoned dead it hit the ground and skidding to a stop when I picked him
I paced it off at 110 yards. These shells pattern great to 70 yards for me. Normally I wouldn’t shoot past 40 but it
was within the last five minutes of shooting time so I let the goose have it.
Just wanted to thank you all for making these shells at an affordable price for a college kid. Feel free to use my 
comment as a testimony! I can re type it for you as one if you want, but seriously thanks a lot for these shells can't
afford true Hevi but these are my ticket to dead geese!! Thanks again!
Chris Meschke
Waseca, MN

Statewide goose opener for Iowa was this weekend (9/27/08) of course I took my Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Last year my bay dog was 6 months old and had a heck of a time retrieving the goose once it got out of the water and gravity took over...this time she was able to bring it in without trouble. Long story short, with my Bushnell range finder and two witness I took a goose at 60 yards. Why some will ask so long of a shot? Because it was the last bird needed to fill the limit and the mid-morning was upon us. Another reason the long shot...BECAUSE I COULD! Hevi Shot is the best stuff on the market. The mark where the bird fell, (coming in) the retrieve of the Chessie were caught with my camera and I would like to send two photos of my 1 year old Chesapeake Bay bringing in another kill with the help of Hevi Shot.

Tell the boys in R&D; AWESOME STUFF!

Signed Chris Thenhaus> Hunting Partner of Roxi, My Chesapeake Bay retriever and the only thing tough as Hevi Shot


These are the best bullets for turkeys I ever used

Jeff Miller
Tunkhannock, PA


Had real good results with heavy steel Bs. Real long shots with clean kills during our spring snow and blue season. Awsome load.

William E. Jones
Burlington, Ia


I want to take a minute to let you know how pleased I am as a first time user of your product.  On Sunday morning I had a coyote sneak into my turkey decoy set-up.  I put the bead on his nose at 42 yard with 12 gauge 3" #4's.  It dropped him dead in his tracks.  Two hours later I circled around the gobbler I was working when the coyote came in and coaxed him to 20 yards.  Upon impact with the hevi-shot, he dropped dead instantly--no flopping around, etc.  The gobbler went 24 lbs. 9 oz, 10" beard, 1" spurs.  Your product is everything it is advertised to be. Thank you for helping me make Sunday morning one for the memories!

Adam Hermsen
Marion , IA


Just a thank you to you and your company!  I used a load of hevi shot for the first time yesterday on a turkey.  Note, I said A load (singular).  My God, his head looks like a colander!  The pattern was amazingly tight and at 20 yds it centered his head perfectly!  Not one pellet in the breast meat.  Great product!  I will be recommending it to all of our customers and I will never shoot another Turkey load.  

Thanks again.

Kevin Gierat
Hunting Manager
Bass pro Shops
Bolingbrook, Il

Hello, I'm a North American Hunting club field tester{#40020738} and 1 or 2 years you sent me 10 of your Hevi-Shot Sabot Slugs [12 ga 1 1/4oz x 2 3/4"] to field test and I liked the accuracy but did not get a chance to try on any game. This year I got the opportunity to shoot a doe at 85 yards the accuracy was right on and the performance was great. Entered high behind shoulder and exited low at the last rib on opposite side at about twice the diameter. The deer only took about 2 or 3 steps and dropped dead. Keep the great work up I will try to keep using your fine products.

Michael Richard
West Lafayette, Ohio

I witnessed an incredible shot last week in Nebraska. My friend shot a Praire Chicken at measured distance of 93 yards using Heavy Shot 3.5" #2. I couldn't believe it. He is now convinced that I was right, you have to use Heavy shot.

Phil Storsteen

I can't belive in the proformance I get out of your product. I took a double jakes at 68 yards! this past spring and you had thought I hit them in the head with a shovel. I've looked for decals and other products to promote your products. Just seeing if you could send some sticker decals or anything that would help your company be more well know to everyone.

Thank you, for your time and a great product
Lance Houk

I absolulely love your product. On opening day in Arkansas of the 2007 Spring Turkey Season, I took a goobler at 67 yards with 3 1/2" #6's 12ga. He was hung up with hens and standing in the rain, but the hevishot folded him up like he was hit with hammer. No one believed the distance until I my dad told them he seen it happen. Thanks for your great product!

Brandon Keaster

Last Friday I was hunting the late December goose season in Rochester, MN as I had the previous Friday. The geese during the late season are very wary and the slightest thing wrong with your spread, calling, etc. and the geese will flare before within normal shooting range. A friend suggested "Dead Coyote". I bought a couple boxes for myself and hunting partner. What a day! We were successfully dropping geese at 60-70 yds., 1 shot w/ 3 1/2" 12 gauge T's. Killed everything we shot at, 1 shot, no cripples. Had even the guides inquiring "What the H@#?$ are you shooting? Unbeleivable shots! I am returning this Friday with "Dead Coyote" for myself, guides, and hunting buddies, GREAT STUFF!!!

Lance Olson
Forest Lake, MN

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your 3 1/2 hevi shot goose shells. for the 2006 hunting season i was able to draw a Utah Swan permit. I live about three and a half hours from where i could hunt them. The first day I tried to fill my tag i used the lower grade 3 1/2 shells and I had no luck. So I bought a box of your shells and with my first shot I got my swan. Thanks for making such a great product

Luke Losee
Redmond, Utah

I killed a fall turkey in West Virginia (2005). Three different people stepped the distance. I stepped 63 yards, a friend stepped 65 yards, and my uncle Garrett stepped 68 yards. The terrain is a little difficult to negotiate for an accurate distance measurement, but it was a 60+ yard shot. I sent the load of #2 Hevishot on it's way, and the bird just melted, nary a flop. I have no photo to go with the story, just wanted to share. Went out and bought 3 more boxes of Hevishot #2 12 gauge 3" to last me for a few years. 30 shots should equal 30 turkeys, I figure, if I can get them within about 65-70 yards. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Granite Falls, NC

I just started using "Dead Coyote". Although here in the North East our shots are relatively close I still had little faith in using a shotgun for Coyotes due to the limitation of range. Then I purchased a box of Heavishot and after the first round was fired I was immediately was hooked. Not only am I totally amazed by your fantastic product, but because of it I went out and bought a new shotgun specifically for Coyotes. So the headlines should read-- (HEVISHOT PROMOTES GROWTH IN FIRE ARMS INDUSTRY)

The season is coming to an end for me here in PA due to the heat, vegetation, and bugs but I am excited going into next fall with my new found killer weapon system. Are the cool Dead Coyote item's shown in the email available for purchase? I would be more than proud to show off the colors of this fine product at the local gun and sportsman clubs I belong to. Thank you again for such and wonderful and innovative product.

Terry Wilkinson
Osceola Mills, PA

Here it is in full detail, I certainly do not have a carrer as an outdoor writer in my future, but this sounds better than the previous version.

My Dad and I were lucky enough to draw turkey permits for the same hunt period in Michigan this spring.

Our annual ritual is to sight in our guns prior to our hunt, and this year was no different than year past other than the fact that I switched to Hevi Shot this spring.

I chose 3" #5 Hevi Shot, and I also purchased a Cabelas Hevi Shot choke to complete my turkey hunting
set up.

This choice was really a no brainer for me because I am a waterfowler by trade and shoot hevi shot exclusively for ducks and geese each fall so I have seen the resulting quick kills on big Canada Geese and
large ducks as well.

My Dad was giving me a hard time about shooting the more expensive shells because he refuses to shoot
anything but copperplated lead (for turkeys), and was making it a point to explain how the previous spring
when he was successful (and I wasn't) that the old lead loads did just fine on his first tom (in alot of years trying).

I explained how Hevi Shot is heavier than lead and hits harder and patterns tighter.

Well, it only took one shot at the patterning board to show him what a pattern Hevi Shot is capable of.

Our chosen area to hunt is several hours drive from home, so regular scouting is tough, but it is an area
we have hunted before and the birds seem to roost in the same area each spring so we put an collapsible
blind out the evening before our hunt within 150 yards of where we expected the birds to be roosted.

The next morning was chilly and foggy with no wing at all, a great time to be hunting.

The birds were a bit late sounding off on the roost, but when they did it was from all around us, except
form the area we expected them to be.

We heard at least 10 different toms letting every hen in the area know where they chose to spend the night.
A safe bet is that we heard 100 gobbles from the toms situated around us prior to flydown time. It was a
great morning to be outdoors.

My guess is that most of the birds left the roost about 7:15 this particular morning, which is probably
45 minuted later than normal, but the fog kept the in the trees a bit later than usual.

About 7:20 I was making some soft clucks to try and entice a tom our way when the woods near us erupted
with several hens flydown cackling and a couple toms gobbling at them within 80 yards of our blind.

Within two minutes we had six hens come out of the woods into the field and right at the decoys
surrounding the blind. They came in and checked out the decoys for a minute or two and continued past the
blind out into the open until they were about 40 yards past the blind.

One hen made a couple of clucks and a gobble erupted about 50 yards from us on the field edge, it was a
nice longbeard in 3/4 strut letting his ladies know where he was.

He was not going to check out our decoys despite some clucks and purrs from my slate call, the group of hens were keeping his focus.

He made it out into the open and was following the hens at decent pace when he got to about 35 yards from
the blind and crossing at a slow walk my Dad decided to take the shot and whiffed on it (lead shot doesn't
do too well on turkeys if you don't hit them with it), the bird had no idea where the boom came from and only
took a couple steps before Dad shot again and this shot was on the money relieving this longbeard of his
future worries. I checked the time on my cellphone, it was 7:26 AM and we had one bird down, one more to go.

As we had heard several other birds gobble several hundred yards out we decided to let my Dads bird lay
for a minute to see if another oppurtunity presented itself and I got a shot at a nice tom.

Some soft clucks and yelps every few minutes were getting a response from a bird several hundred yards
out but he was not coming any closer to us.

After about an hour of this standstill treament from the far off bird my Dad went out to get his tom and
tag it. He stealthily did this to hopefully avoid being seen by any birds and settled back into the
blind. His tom was 21 lbs, 11" beard and 1 1/8" spurs, a respectable bird in anyones book.

We continued to yelp and purr every ten minutes or so and got responses from the same tom the first half an
hour or so and then no responses at all after that.

About 9:15 a lone hen wandered in and she stayed with her new buddies, our decoys, for quite a while.

Each time she would give up on her new friends and begin to wander away a few soft clucks would bring her
right back to the decoys. You can't beat having a live hen around when you are pursuing a spring gobbler so
we did our best to keep her near the blind hoping she would help bring in a tom presenting an oppurtunity
for a double on toms in one morning.

She hung around until just after 10:00 and at the point that we realized she had given up on the decoys
my Dad asked if I had any days off during the week to hunt if I was unable to tag a bird this day.

I was explaining how busy I had been at work and a weekday hunt was out of the question when I noticed a
bird on the edge of the field out of the corner of my eye.

I quickly identified it as a longbeard and moved to get my gun up to the shooting hole in the blind.

This tom was angling away from us and had no interest in our decoys whatsoever, I don't know why this was
the case but he was most definitely heading into the woods away from us.

I got my gun out the shooting port and settled the scope on the toms head. He sure looked a lot smaller
than the turkey targets we use to pattern our guns and I pulled my head away to make sure my eyes weren't
playing tricks on me.

I whispered "he looks a bit far through the scope", dad whispered back "if you're going to shoot, you
better do it now because he is not coming any closer".I thought to myself, with Hevi Shot well patterned out
of my gun it shouldn't be an issue.

I settled the scope on the toms head again and clicked the safety off, I took a breath and exhaled and
settled the crosshairs and pulled the trigger.

He dropped like he was hit with a club, high fives ensued along with a "nice shot" or two.

I unloaded my gun and unzipped the blind and we headed out to take a look at my tom.

While not a huge bird by weight (18 lbs) he had a long beard with a few strands several inches longer than
the main portion of the beard and nice well worn spurs (1") and obviously had been around to fool a few
hunters in previous seasons.

I got my tag out and maked it accordingly and picked up my bird and turned towards the blind and realized I
was not wrong when I said he looked like he was a long ways out.

I pointed out to my Dad how far we were from the blind, and he said "that was a long shot".

We walked back to the blind to get our things together and I kept looking back to see the spot where I had
shot the tom and marveling at the distance at which he was cleanly killed by the #5 Hevi Shot.

Upon getting our things together I decided to pace off the shot to get an idea of the actual distance.
The tom was standing next to a lone tree and I paced it off from the shooting port that I shot him from and
it was an amazing 65 paces. That would be close to a 60 yard shot. I was pretty happy with myself once I
realized at what distance Hevi Shot had done its job with complete effectiveness.

My bird was 18 lbs, 1" well worn spurs and his beard measured 14 1/8" including the eight extra long
strands. A true longbeard in anyones book.

I am convinced this was the bird that was gobbling a ways off all morning. He couldn't stand waiting for
the hen to come to him so he snuck in to investigate. He never made a sound, and just appeared out of
nowhere at the field edge. A cagy old bird who probably had seen a few buddies take a load of shot in
the head in the past.

I don't believe I would have taken the shot at this tom without having patterned my gun and knowing how it
shoots with Hevi Shot and knowing Hevi Shots effectiveness on large waterfowl from my own
experience, Hevi Shot is the best!


Matthew LaCombe

Three seasons ago I was still using steel for geese. I was using a well known brand of high speed steel, too.

A buddy and I were hunting the upper Potomac in February and it was wicked wicked cold. Lots of ice, wind, etc.

We got into the geese pretty good, but we had several shot failures where we shot geese (note: not shot at, shot) but failed to drop them. We could see the feathers fly off of their breasts but they kept on going and we did not see them drop as we followed them with binocs.

After that I switched exclusively to Hevi Shot for geese. Now, if I do my part, the Hevi Shot does its part!

Attached is a pic from our last goose hunt of the season back in February.

If we hit them with Hevi Shot, they go down!


Well after getting my new shotgun a 3 1/2 Mosburg 935 i need some ammo to create a massive pattern for my lifelong hobby turkey hunting
After trying several brands and different loads i ordered some Hevi Shot and was impressed with the pattern i got.

I left Florida on my annual turking hunting trip to my former home in W VA and hit the woods running early Monday Morning As the birds started chirping just after day break I heard five goblers light up on the roost I placed my Difram call in my mouth and cut a little very low and got and instant response from the closest bird I sat very quiet for a few min to let the wild life around me come to life In about 10 min the goblers really started blasting off so i called a little louder and got and instant response the ridge below me exploded with gobbeling the ultimate thrill of a turkey hunter Ten min later i hear another gobler light up and i can tell he is on the ground and a little closer than before So this time i cackel on the mouth call and he goes ballistic doubble and tripple gobbeling.

And as i look in the direction of the ruckuss I see him strutting up the ridge towards me I purr a few times and cluck once and then go into a full cackell this time and cup my hands and hit my thyes several times to memic a hen leaving the roost The woods exploded with gobbeling what a thrill as i watch the bird strutting in my direction i see another one fly down and strutt around the first they squar off with each other and decide to find out who was going to be top bird after flogging each other for a couple of min the second bird glides off the ridge in another dirrection and the first tripple gobbles and really shows his stuff and i hit the call lightly and he goes nuts and then starts to go back and forth across the ridge and i see why there is a fence between us and he is about 45 yards away I hit the call and he answers me every time but wont cross that fence now what do i do i cant move in any closer and cant back out due to the open woods I ease out my range finder and it reads 42 yards to the fence if i can get him to the edge I know this gun and load can do the job now is the time for the test of Hevi Shot !!!!!! He is just on the other side and i want him in perfect position for the shot
So i purr lightly and cackel for all i am worth and he takes a couple of steps and goes into a tripple gobbel with neck extended its now or never At the blast he falls face down and doesn't move again i run down the ridge and rip my clothes half off getting over the fence but for no reason he is done and i am a firm beleiver in this product now ( keep it up) 18 lb with a 10 1/2 in beard and 1 in spurs I am 56 years old and that is number 57 with over 9 1/2 in beards to my credit.

i love this sport

F E Thompson
Callahan Fl

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