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Ohio native Fred Zink founded Zink Calls in 2001. "I saw a demand - a want - for custom goose and duck calls among both field hunters and competitive callers," said Zink, himself a nationally-recognized goose caller. "That and I wanted very much to promote the sport of hunting within the ranks of our country's young people. We as outdoor manufacturers owe it to ourselves and the hunting community to do everything we can to recruit, educate, and encourage young outdoors people."

Zink's high-end calls and 24/7 DVD series present the ultimate from-the-field outdoor experiences designed for the hard-core hunter, the 'fowler who aspires for that next level in calling and hunting proficiency. "It's my wish," said Zink, "to help today's duck and goose caller be more successful afield, whether that success is translated into birds on the ground or memories to be cherished for a lifetime."

But Zink hasn't created his calling empire alone. "My wife, Dawn," said Zink, "oversees all of the operations of the business. She keeps us all focused, addresses the vital day-to-day aspects of the business, and ensures that Zink Calls always is headed in a positive direction."

With growth often comes physical expansion, and Zink Calls has been no exception. From humble 1,800 square foot beginnings in the town of Clayton, the company relocated to a new 10,000 square foot facility in Port Clinton during the Fall of 2006. Today, Zink Calls is staffed by 10 full-time employees, each specializing in a different aspect of the business including videography, photography, editing, call production and milling, and sales. Once focusing solely on waterfowl-related products, Zink Calls has recently entered both the predator (2008) and turkey (2009) hunting realms.

"This business - the whole of the outdoors - is all about constant innovation and improvement," said Zink. "We are traditionalists, but that doesn't mean we can't upgrade. It's our goal here at Zink Calls to bring outdoorsmen and women the New, the Now, and the 21st Century."



Carlson Choke Tubes

Carlson’s Choke Tubes are made from the finest corrosion-resistant 17-4 PH stainless steel available. Most factory choke tubes are made of lessor stainless steel, which equates to a choke that won’t hold up to most steel shot loads or heavy buffered shotshells. Steel shot patterns tighter than lead shot. Generally speaking, you will want to use a moreopen choke when shooting steel shot than you would with lead.




From decoys and guns to blinds and shotgun shells, every piece of equipment needs to get the job done. Our premium waterfowl calls are no different!



 In 2001 our mission statement was to make something that not only would last but would also outlast and outperform anything like it you've ever owned. That holds true today, only the best materials available go into this fine product line, resulting in "Outdoor Gear to Last a Lifetime".

Countless hours have been logged by prostaff members testing and trying these products to see what we need to do to make a good product even better. We feel we've been able to accomplish that goal. That doesn't mean we won't continue to improve and make new products, keeping us on the cutting edge and getting you and every outdoorsman the best product money can buy. 



Located in the mountains of Western VA, We are at home here among the Hardwood and Pine ridges surrounded by beautiful mountains and streams that hold the game we cherish. Like you we are very thankful for the chance to hunt the Wild Turkey.





The vision of Ducks Unlimited is wetlands sufficient to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever.

Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl. These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people.

Visit Ducks Unlimited: and


 Dave Smith Decoys

The DSD is an ultra-realistic, full-body decoy. They are unique in that they are cast in hollow urethane plastic from rubber molds, as opposed to the conventional method of casting in polyethylene from metal molds. This system allows for a decoy that is highly detailed and anatomically correct. Also, using urethane alleviates the paint adhesion problems associated with the petroleum-based polyethylene used by other manufacturers.

Each decoy is fitted with a wind-activated motion system of our own invention, a system that is quiet, natural, controllable and effective right up to the last day of the season. No rocking, clanking or other unnatural motion that can tip off late season geese. DSDs are manufactured by a group of diehard hunters in a small shop in Oregon where quality control and customer service are #1! We simply refuse to cut corners in our manufacturing process and every sale is backed by friendly, reliable customer service. We care about the quality of our product and take the extra time to inspect every decoy before it leaves. That is why few decoys that leave our shop are ever returned. Our customers recognize the superior advantage our decoy offers in the field while demanding a decoy that is built to last and backed by a solid reputation.


The National Wild Turkey Federation is a national nonprofit conservation and hunting organization that, along with its volunteers, partners and sponsors, has worked for the conservation of the wild turkey and preservation of the hunting tradition. When the NWTF was established in 1973, there were only 1.3 million wild turkeys. Today that number stands at more than seven million birds throughout North America, and hunting seasons have been established in 49 U.S. states, Canada and Mexico.


The World's Most Advanced Lines of Fiber Optic Sights and Shooting Accessories.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

The mission of the Elk Foundation is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat.

In support of this mission the Elk Foundation is committed to:


  • Conserving, restoring and enhancing natural habitats;
  • Promoting the sound management of wild, free-ranging elk, which may be hunted or otherwise enjoyed;
  • Fostering cooperation among federal, state, tribal and private organizations and individuals in wildlife management and habitat conservation; and Educating members and the public about habitat conservation, the value of hunting, hunting ethics and wildlife management.


Travel around the world with David "Dirt" King and Charlie Ingram as they hunt some of the most pristine land that nature has to offer. Follow along as the gang hunts everything from Argentina dove and Canadian geese to brown bear and Tennessee gobblers. Join Dirt and Charlie as they are accompanied by some of the best outfitters in the business and enjoy all of their exciting guests as they capture some of the best hunts on television.

The NRA is you -- its members ... millions of Americans representing a diverse contrast of age, sex, race and religion. You're patriots one and all. You believe in the Constitution, staunch in the defense of your rights, and you actively pursue some of this country's finest traditions - Hunting and Sports Shooting. Since its incorporation in 1871, the NRA has grown as a service organization involved in all aspects of the shooting sports and a proud defender of the Bill of Rights.


Join The NRA Today at:


Since 1998 the Hunting and Shooting Sports Heritage Fund has provided the critical resources to help the National Shooting Sports Foundation meet our industry's legislative, legal and regulatory challenges. The Fund's achievements are many, with highlights including passage by Congress of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, defeats of politically motivated municipal lawsuits designed to bankrupt our industry, the Vote Your Sport® voter education and mobilization campaign that helped define a new power in American politics-the sportsmen's voting bloc, and the award-winning educational programs Project ChildSafe® and Don't Lie for the Other GuyTM.


Visit Natchez Shooter's Supply online at:



coos custom calls

Our calls are made from the FINEST materials, turned & tuned by hand.  When you have one of our calls, consider it an investment in a one-of-a-kind work of art.!



Rock Road Pursuits is the first Semi-Live, Internet based, Outdoor Lifestyle Show.

RRP was created to breathe new life into the Outdoor Industry. We set out to create a show that is informative to our viewers, but also cutting-edge and entertaining.

This state-of-the-art outdoor lifestyle show is conducted all year long with the web-based Semi-Live episodes airing throughout the year. Each episode is available to viewers on

The episodes are a combination of pre-season, in-season footage, and post-season insight. RRP has access to wildlife properties across the country. These properties are properly managed to produce large numbers of quality wildlife.

With our in-house production team, RRP travels the country filming and creating a unique experience, using state-of-the-art cinematography and equipment, to produce cutting-edge episodes

Our passion is the outdoors, sharing it with all of you is our goal.


The Grind - Waterfowl TV

This is a new breed of waterfowl hunting television. There's nothing else like it, Coming this fall, The Grind Waterfowl TV is created for the die-hard waterfowl hunter by die-hard waterfowl hunters. The team is dedicated to bring you up close and intense waterfowl action from in the field. Join the team as they travel through-out the greater North American continent as they chase the wings of migration from early fall to the late spring. This show will have something for everyone so stay tuned!

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