Testimonials: HEVI-Shot® Dead Coyote


Dead Coyote, What a great product! Seven shots, four dead coyotes and 3 dead bobcats. Every animal dead in its tracks, no trailing. Thanks.

Steve Ward




Gerry Friedrich
Forest City, Illinois

I want to take a minute to let you know how pleased I am as a first time user of your product. On Sunday morning I had a coyote sneak into my turkey decoy set-up. I put the bead on his nose at 42 yard with 12 gauge 3" #4's. It dropped him dead in his tracks. Two hours later I circled around the gobbler I was working when the coyote came in and coaxed him to 20 yards. Upon impact with the hevi-shot, he dropped dead instantly--no flopping around, etc. The gobbler went 24 lbs. 9 oz, 10" beard, 1" spurs. Your product is everything it is advertised to be. Thank you for helping me make Sunday morning one for the memories!


Adam Hermsen
Marion , IA


Last Friday I was hunting the late December goose season in Rochester, MN as I had the previous Friday. The geese during the late season are very wary and the slightest thing wrong with your spread, calling, etc. and the geese will flare before within normal shooting range. A friend suggested "Dead Coyote". I bought a couple boxes for myself and hunting partner. What a day! We were successfully dropping geese at 60-70 yds., 1 shot w/ 3 1/2" 12 gauge T's. Killed everything we shot at, 1 shot, no cripples. Had even the guides inquiring "What the H@#?$ are you shooting? Unbeleivable shots! I am returning this Friday with "Dead Coyote" for myself, guides, and hunting buddies, GREAT STUFF!!!


Lance Olson
Forest Lake, MN


I just started using "Dead Coyote". Although here in the North East our shots are relatively close I still had little faith in using a shotgun for Coyotes due to the limitation of range. Then I purchased a box of Heavishot and after the first round was fired I was immediately was hooked. Not only am I totally amazed by your fantastic product, but because of it I went out and bought a new shotgun specifically for Coyotes. So the headlines should read-- (HEVISHOT PROMOTES GROWTH IN FIRE ARMS INDUSTRY)


The season is coming to an end for me here in PA due to the heat, vegetation, and bugs but I am excited going into next fall with my new found killer weapon system. Are the cool Dead Coyote item's shown in the email available for purchase? I would be more than proud to show off the colors of this fine product at the local gun and sportsman clubs I belong to. Thank you again for such and wonderful and innovative product.

Terry Wilkinson
Osceola Mills, PA

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