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This years pheasant opener was incredible. I hunted with Hevi Shot Pheasant loads and they performed flawlessly! Each rooster was stopped in midflight like they were hit by a freight train. My hunting partners I brought on the hunt knew about Hevi Shot for turkey. But, they hadn't used it for pheasant. They were amazed at how much knock down power Hevi Shot had for pheasant.

That being said. I don't normally take long shots at pheasant as a rule. But, my hunting partner flushed a rooster and hit it but not solidly (not using Hevi Shot). Since the bird was hit and was on his way fast. I held a bead on him with a lead of about 2 1/2 feet. I shot him and he dropped straight down. It wasn't a spiraling bird hit.. it was a knock down. The amazing thing  was that he was 60 yards away! My hunting partners were hooping and hollering! They couldn't believe their eyes. The energy that Hevi Shot has at extended ranges is awesome! As I mentioned I don't normally take long shots at birds. But, given the situation. It is comforting to know that I can reach out and bring birds down.

I drive a long distance to hunt birds here in Oregon. I too "Didn't come this far to miss!"

Ronald Candiff
St Helens, OR

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