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HEVI-Shot® Folding Styx

The HEVI-Shot® Folding Styx offers superior stability for all types of hunters. Whether you have set your sights on that monster bull elk, that 6 point buck or have Wile E. Coyote in your sights, you only have one opportunity to make that lethal shot. Your adrenaline is rushing and your heart pounding, it can make even the most steady hand quiver with excitement. That’s when the HEVI-Shot® folding styx will become your best friend! Extremely light weight, our shooting sticks fold up to an overall length of less than 15 inches and weigh 8 oz. With a quick flick of the wrist the HEVI-Shot® Shooting Styx go from packed to fully deployed. They will be the first thing that you will pack on every rifle hunt! Constructed of high quality aluminum the HEVI-Shot® folding Styx will deliver years of service and dependability.

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