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Denis Witmer HEVI-Shot® Prostaffer955 views
William Wright in Foothill Ranch, Ca920 viewsJust wanted to pass on a HUGE thank you for helping us out with our wounded warrior hunt this year. On Jan 14th we had 7 combat wounded Marines from Camp Pendleton come out to our duck club for a day of duck hunting. The duck hunting was not the best that day but the Marines made the most of it. The Coot and ruddy duck population will never be the same! Your company deserves a huge thanks for sending ammo to help out with this hunt. I contacted every manufacture and was was told such things as " No we did a couple this year" or "NO we just do not do that" Environ was the ONLY one to say yes and with in a week of asking i had a box on my door step. Times are tough and i know company's are getting a lot of requests for charity. I was already a loyal hevi-metal shooter and to know that you guys are a good company on top of that makes it even better. a link to the post we put up on bdoutdoors, Doctor fowl is Bryant Campbell The clubs owner and Aeon is me William Wright http://www.bdoutdoors.com/story/wounded-warrior-duck-hunt/ a quick story from my morning that day. The marine sniper i had with me was wounded by a IED. His partners legs blown off and his legs damaged bad. His rehab has been long and difficult. His back ground in hunting was deer hunting in Michigan. Having never hunted ducks he asked me " how do i aim" I told him to just swing and snap the trigger when it feels right. Well at shooting time a Spoonbill made the mistake of flying to close and at 30 yards crossing he swung and crushed the bird. The 3" hevishot sent the bird snowballing to the water. It was like we won the super bowl with high fives and yelling! he turned to me and said " i have not been excited about anything in a long time" Thanks for being a part of this and i look forward to next season when we can do it again!
Marcus Riddell910 viewsOne man limit in ten minutes. Two green-wing teal and 4 mallards. The mallards where both doubles. Using Hevi-Metal #3's. Loving them!!!! Marcus Riddell
Laura Negley First Tom Turkey833 viewsMy daughter Laura and I just returned from a very successful S/E Kansas Turkey Hunt. I bagged two Toms on Saturday morning with ONE SHOT using HEVI-SHOT's 12ga, 3 1/2", 2 1/4oz, "HEVI-13" Turkey Shotshells MAGNUM BLEND (5,6,7 shot) matched up with a "HEVI-13 TURKEY CHOKE TUBE SYSTEM". The Toms held up at 41 yards from my ground blind and presented with about 6-8 inches between their heads and ONE SHOT put BOTH down hard. The next morning, my daughter bagged HER FIRST Tom Turkey using the same shotshell/choke combination in her gun. Her Tom was already with hens when they flew down at sunrise. The hens came in pretty close, but her Tom held up at 40 yards and she dropped it with one shot. Having patterned the guns with this shotshell/choke combination earlier in the week, we were both confident in taking turkeys that might hang up at longer ranges. While we were hoping to bag at least one Tom for Easter, we also have a wild turkey dinner planned for Mother's Day ... all thanks to HEVI-SHOT! These results have convinced me that HEVI-SHOT provides the best products available to turkey hunters' by maximizing their shooting system potential for success in the field. Thanks again for making such great products! Mike Negley Overland Park, KS
Keith758 views410 HEVI-shot
HEVI-Metal® Turkey!712 viewsAt 35yds landed a 12in beard 1-1/4in spurs.
Let the Haters keep Hatin'. He never even flopped
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