Monthly Archives: April 2016

Team No Threat Strikes Out

 Team No Threat Strikes…out.  Opening day turkey shenanigans. By Skip Knowles Like a bunch of camouflaged kids eager as retriever puppies on their first duck hunt, we hit the field on the turkey opener with the 28 gauge Beretta and a load of HEVI number #5s. Patterning the guns had proven the loads should be… Read more »

Pre-Turkey Prep With a 28 Gauge by Skip Knowles

QUALITY TIME ON THE RANGE: PRE-TURKEY PREP…WITH A 28 GAUGE?! By Skip Knowles   After using the A400 28 gauge Beretta and dropping greenheads like wet mops in the timber on a big hunt with Sitka’s Jeff Watt (look for that story soon) using HEVI Shot 7/8 loads of #5s, the wheels really started to… Read more »