19 Coyotes are well-known as keen, adaptable, elusive animals. Even if you do everything right—set up at the edge of a snowy clear-cut with perfect visibility, keep the wind at your face, and call them in patiently for hours, you may never even spot one. Probably because they spotted you first. So when you’re lucky (or good) enough to lure one into your range, you want Dead Coyote!®, a high-density shotshell that can take him down quickly and accurately. With more downrange energy than any other varmint shell on the market, frangible HEVI-Shot® T and 00B pellets have tight patterns able to take down a coyote at up to 70 yards. Dead Coyote!® gives you point-and-click shotgun convenience for lethal penetration without ricochet. VARMINT VARMINT 19