22 Designed for home defense, HEVI-Duty® is built with safety in mind. If you’re forced to confront a threat in an enclosed environment, you’ll be armed with the reassurance that the pellets in HEVI-Duty® shotshells are frangible, and pattern better than lead buckshot, with similar lethality. The shot pattern is tight, and wall penetration from stray pellets is minimized. We hope you never have to use it, but if the time comes, you can use it confidently. HEVI-DUTY® SHELLS HOME DEFENSE 22 MSRP PRICING HEVI-DUTY® SHELLS PART # BOX UPC CASE UPC GAUGE LENGTH CHARGE WEIGHT VELOCITY SHOT SIZE BOX PRICE CASE PRICE 91025 816383910252 816383110256 12 2.75 12 Pellet 1250 00B $24.99 $249.99 91425 816383914250 816383114254 12 2.75 30 Pellet 1250 4B $24.99 $249.99 ROUNDS/BOX: 25 BOXES/CASE: 10 CUSTOM BLENDED POWDER CUSTOM BLENDED POWDER A A FRANGIBLE PELLETS FRANGIBLE PELLETS B B FLAX-SEED CRIMP SPACER FLAX-SEED CRIMP SPACER C C 30 PELLET, #4 BUCK 12 PELLET, 00 BUCK B B C C A A