3 HEVI-X™ is a Deadlier at Distance™ tungsten-based waterfowl load. Compared to steel shotshells with the same shot size, HEVI-X™ gives you 40% more knockdown power at 40 yards and 50% more knock down power at 60 yards. HEVI-X™ lets you shoot 2 shot sizes smaller than you would shoot with a steel shotshell, and get 25% more pellets on target, higher down range velocity, and more consistent patterns than steel. There is nothing like HEVI-X™ in the market. HEVI-X™ shotshells remind you of the performance of the original HEVI-Shot® at a price you can afford. The first bullet from HEVI-Shot®, HEVI- Duty® Centerfire is a Precision Steel Safe Ammunition that brings you frangible, non-toxic bullets and loaded cartridges that deliver improved accuracy and no ricochet at a price that is comparable to traditional lead bullets. Competitive and recreational shooters can look forward to 9mm being the first of many calibers in the HEVI-Duty® Centerfire lineup. - Frangible with no ricochet - Non-toxic bullets and primers to provide a completely non-toxic shooting experience - Match Grade Accuracy NEW PRODUCTS 3 NEW PRODUCTS Designed to give you payloads of big pellets at higher speeds than other steel shotshells, HEVI-Snow™ delivers HEVI- Shot® reliability in a big steel shell. It’s the shotshell you want when the sound of a thousand wings overhead pulls you up out of your layout blind and you have your pick of birds. HEVI-X™ HEVI-SNOW™ HEVI-DUTY® CENTERFIRE