5 Our original Heavier Than Lead® shotshells are far and away the highest performing shotshells on the market. The keys to a superior projectile are higher density, less drag, and no corrosion, and HEVI- Shot® pellets have all of those advantages. HEVI-Shot® shells are loaded with a metal alloy that’s more dense than other metals —more dense even than traditional lead. So our projectiles retain more energy in flight, and carry higher downrange lethality than any other shell ever made. Which is why Field and Stream at the end of 2009 called HEVI-Shot® “The Most Important Shotgunning Invention Of The Decade.” When comparing HEVI-Shot® to lead shotshells, drop down one shot size for equal performance (lead #3 = HEVI-Shot® #4), and when comparing to steel shotshells, drop down three shot sizes for equal performance (steel #3 = HEVI-Shot® #6). That’s density in action. WATERFOWL & UPLAND WATERFOWL & UPLAND 5