6 HEVI-SHOT® GOOSE, HEVI-SHOT® PHEASANT, HEVI-SHOT® DUCK When you get a flock of honkers to light on a snowy day, you want the best payload performance that money can buy. HEVI-Shot® delivers more lethal pellets on target at higher energies than other shot shells. Period. Every type of waterfowl hunting comes with its own set of challenges. That's why each of our waterfowl shot shells is specifically designed for that perfect shot. Because, you didn't come this far to miss. Balanced payload, packing sufficient power and velocity with a more open pattern, perfect for targeting a flushed pheasant. Lighter payload to open up faster and travel at higher velocities. Designed for targeting small bodied, fast moving waterfowl. Heavier payload and lower velocities, designed to hold a tighter pattern at longer distances, and retain energy, for full knockdown power. HEVI-SHOT® GOOSE HEVI-SHOT® PHEASANT HEVI-SHOT® DUCK 6 WATERFOWL & UPLAND