9 HEVI-SHOT® BULK SHOT HEVI-Shot®, our original Heavier Than Lead® Pellet is now available for reloading. HEVI-Shot® pellets are available in 3lb crushproof pourable bottles, in all your favorite shot sizes. Our Classic Doubles™ line of shells are designed for older fixed choke and fine classic doubles shotguns. The shotshells are loaded to 1100 fps and relatively low pressures to reduce recoil and function safely in old chambers. To compensate for the slower speed, Classic Doubles™ pellets are dense (about halfway between lead and steel) and hard-hitting. We designed the pellets with a belted sphere for maximum pellet mass and greater lethality, and we lubricate them for tight patterns that allow you to take birds at any reasonable range. Classic Doubles™ turn your old classic gun into an effective modern-performance birding gun. CLASSIC DOUBLES™ WATERFOWL & UPLAND 9