A Gun For Fun! By Skip Knowles

chiappa vidA GUN FOR FUN: A HEVI-Test for the new Triple barreled side-by-side-by-side


Ready to have some fun? The only thing more fun than a barrel of monkeys might be three of them, right? How about a three-barreled shotgun, the only 12 gauge semi-auto that doesn’t require a plug?

chiappahevi metal

Double-barreled, fixed breech shotguns, by nature, have trigger systems that are simple in design and complicated in execution, insomuch as the tolerances need to be just right, or they do not work. This is part of the reason why double-barreled shotguns, whether they are over-unders or side by sides, have that haughty disposition of cultural ascendance and affluence. Fact is, most of the cheap ones don’t work really well. Like a Benelli knock-off, you are eventually gonna get that ‘click’ at the moment of truth.


But what if you want a gun that you don’t really plan on using at the moment of truth? Just a gun for fun, because it’s cool and different, and you already have a truck load of pumps, ARs, 9mms, and semi-autos for the real work?


It is with that fresh attitude that I approached the Chiappa Triple Threat 12 gauge.  It’s a little heavy for upland hunting. It’s a little long for home defense. It’s a little silly for the duck blind. At the same time, what’s cooler than a triple barreled 12 gauge?! A four barreled one, but that would just be hard to hold loaded.


But to be fun, it has to run. So we took this sexy Chiappa (kee-opp-uh) to the range here in rural Illinois and stuffed it full of HEVI-Metal, over and over again, and shot and shot and shot it.


Not. One. Misfire.


And we all know how lethal HEVI-Anything is on game animals. If I could run a highlight sizzle reel on all the birds I shot at long ranges this year on goose hunts, every choke manufacturer on earth would be trying to claim me. But fact is, it’s the ammo as much as the choke.


But you already know that, which is why you’re reading this.


So, anyways, Chiappa did something right. And after that test, I would have to endorse it for all that other good stuff, like home defense, waterfowling and anything but upland hunting. Because the thing goes BANG, every time, in our field test. And you have to love that!


You can argue about the practicality forever. And if you’re an uptight purist of any sort, you will despise it. But hey, who ever wanted to hang out with an uptight purist? I wouldn’t get this thing for my only gun, but if you have your trusted A-390 or BPS for when it’s time to get down to business, this triple barreled trifecta of fun is a cool addition to the old safe, and as I said in this horribly produced but fun, short, video, it might be the ultimate 3-shot semi-auto.  A side-by-side-by-side.

And since it’s now available in this awesome camo pattern, who knows, it may just catch on with waterfowlers.  Load up the Triple Threat with HEVI’s Dead Coyote, and you just might have the ultimate predator-killing cannon.

(My thanks to the fellow gun range rat who held my iPhone for this Hollywood level video production.)

Click on the link below to view the Chiappa in action!

chiappa vid