Q: Are all HEVI-Shot® products safe to use on public and private properties?

A: Triple Beard (turkey), HEVI-Target, HEVI-Dove, HEVI-Upland, and HEVI-Game shotshells use lead pellets. All of our other products are USFWS-certified nontoxic and can be used on all public and private lands. Please check your state’s regulations for shot size restrictions.

Q: I just bought the HEVI-Metal® 3″ 3s. I was wondering if you guys recommend a choke tube for these new shells?

A: Our HEVI-Choke tubes, in Mid and Extended range, are designed to squeeze every last bit of performance from HEVI-Shot products, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. If you don’t have a HEVI-Choke, our products are safe to shoot through any steel-rated choke tube.

Q: What is the difference between HEVI-Metal® and HEVI-Steel®?

A: HEVI-Metal® is loaded with a layer of steel shot near the base and a layer of smaller-diameter HEVI-Shot® alloy pellets on top of the steel shot. The smaller HEVI-Shot® alloy pellets are denser, but lighter, than the steel pellets, so they kill like the steel pellets but we can put more of them in a 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 oz shotshell. HEVI-Metal® works by filling the holes in your pattern, and delivers about 25% more pellets on target than any steel shotshells.

HEVI-Steel® is loaded with steel shot. Our competitive edge is that we push a 12-ga 3″, 1-1/4 oz load at 1500 fps, where our competitors stop at about 1425 fps for equivalent payloads. And our 12-ga, 3.5″, 1-1/2 oz load goes out at 1500 fps as well.

Q: What is the filler in HEVI-Metal® shells? Is it flax seed? What is the filler used for, taking up excess space or as a buffer?

A: We ensure a good solid surface for crimping by using flax seed to fill the top of our shells. We are probably nuts for adding this expense, but it’s just one more example of the extremes we go to in order to provide the highest quality product. The beauty of flax seeds is that they biodegrade completely, unlike the plastic filler sometimes used by other companies.

Q: Is HEVI-Metal® sealed and waterproof? If not, is the shot coated to keep it from seizing together?

A: HEVI-Metal® steel pellets are coated with a dry-film preservative that inhibits corrosion. HEVI-Shot® high density pellets are made from one of our patented non-corroding alloys. The pellets cannot rust together under normal circumstances. No shotshells are completely waterproof (except for certain military shotshells).