Everyone Has A HEVI-Shot® Story!

The details may differ – long yardage, high winds, a triple – but every story has one common element: an incredibly difficult shot that HEVI-Shot® products made possible. Hunters know that HEVI-Shot® products give them more pellets on-target, at higher energies than other shotshells, delivering the kind of performance that transforms ordinary hunts into extraordinary memories. What’s your HEVI-Shot® story?

The foundry, shown here on the right, is the heart of the HEVI-Shot® operation.  Every finished box is weighed to the grain (7,000 grains per lb.) to ensure maximum quality.

At HEVI-Shot®, we care about the quality of the products we make. We’re are always working to improve each shotgun product, because the story that matters most to us is the next one you create with our products.