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Beau Refuge Hunting Lessons

When you’re 17 years old, you tend to learn things the hard way. I was no exception. One November morning in Washington state. the weatherman was calling for clear, sunny skies and high winds at the public refuge I had been aching to test out.

Snow Goose WARS!

SNOW BLIND It’s almost June as I write this, and the photos are still popping up on Facebook, piles and piles of birds, because Scott Butz is a little crazy, and blind to hunting any other type of bird. Butz, who invented those spinning kite things that have lured so many white devils to their death,… Read more »

Things to keep in mind when chasing Toms

  THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN CHASING TOMS: Tips from Team No Threat by Skip Knowles We hope you enjoyed the story last week of a hilarious failure of a turkey hunt from our opening day—there is much to learn from trying and falling short of your goal. There is even more to learn… Read more »

Team No Threat Strikes Out

 Team No Threat Strikes…out.  Opening day turkey shenanigans. By Skip Knowles Like a bunch of camouflaged kids eager as retriever puppies on their first duck hunt, we hit the field on the turkey opener with the 28 gauge Beretta and a load of HEVI number #5s. Patterning the guns had proven the loads should be… Read more »

Pre-Turkey Prep With a 28 Gauge by Skip Knowles

QUALITY TIME ON THE RANGE: PRE-TURKEY PREP…WITH A 28 GAUGE?! By Skip Knowles   After using the A400 28 gauge Beretta and dropping greenheads like wet mops in the timber on a big hunt with Sitka’s Jeff Watt (look for that story soon) using HEVI Shot 7/8 loads of #5s, the wheels really started to… Read more »

A Gun For Fun! By Skip Knowles

chiappa vidA GUN FOR FUN: A HEVI-Test for the new Triple barreled side-by-side-by-side   Ready to have some fun? The only thing more fun than a barrel of monkeys might be three of them, right? How about a three-barreled shotgun, the only 12 gauge semi-auto that doesn’t require a plug? Double-barreled, fixed breech shotguns, by… Read more »

Shotgunning Coyotes: Getting Started by Skip Knowles

SHOTGUNNING COYOTES: GETTING STARTED My brother in law Kenny is a knucklehead. He never listens to me. That may be because he is slightly smart and more talented, but he should still at least feign respect, since I am the one who set him up with my bow hunter sister Nicole, and their marriage of… Read more »

HEVI-Shot Pistol Ammo Test

HEVI-SHOT PISTOL AMMO is Heavy Duty! By Skip Knowles HEVI SHOT’s new line of 9 mm ammo turned in a stellar performance at the range in recent weeks with a wide variety of both handguns and shooters holding them. The first run was completed in cool and terribly windy conditions at an Illinois gun range… Read more »


It seems like yesterday I was scouting the turkey woods and now it’s already Father’s Day!  Instead of bemoaning the fact that 2015 is half over, I am ecstatic that waterfowl season is almost here! To help you with your Father’s Day shopping (and your wallet too) we are posting our fall waterfowl rebates early!… Read more »


Off-season clay-busting will keep your skills sharp…and it’s a blast with new Hevi-Target™ loads. Burning through a case of new Hevi-Target™ loads on the skeet range on a sunny Sunday afternoon a few weeks back, I bumped into some other bird hunters for once. Talk soon turned to how you just don’t see many hunters… Read more »