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Mountain Turkeys

By Beau Brooks The ultimate guide to hunting turkeys out west. Many people dream of hunting out west, but don’t know where to start. Lucky for me, I grew up in Washington state hunting turkeys that actually migrate up the mountains. Understanding where they are at different times of the year can be the difference… Read more »

Cash’s First Eastern with HEVI-18

A couple years ago my son, Cash, who was 5 at the time, was in search of his first Eastern turkey. He shot a Rio in Kansas the year before with his cousin’s gun, but this year he was using his own .410 with the HEVI-18 TSS Turkey load #9 shot. He had been practicing… Read more »

Mid-Morning Magnum Blend Tom

We love the springtime, and we enjoy turkey hunting with our family and friends as much as anyone! We do our best to film every hunt and one thing we like is having turkeys in our laps! We rarely put the decoys over 20 yards and most of the time they are well short of that. We just enjoy the close proximity and that nervous feeling of having a fired-up bird that near to you!

Give ‘em the Bismuth!

We’ve all been there. You know, being in the blind and not having the right call for the approaching birds, but this time, IT WAS DIFFERENT. We were hunting ducks in Washington with Beau Brooks, a.k.a. the “Animal Jukebox”, in a small, flooded corn pond. It had been holding a good number of ducks and… Read more »

Beau Refuge Hunting Lessons

When you’re 17 years old, you tend to learn things the hard way. I was no exception. One November morning in Washington state. the weatherman was calling for clear, sunny skies and high winds at the public refuge I had been aching to test out.

Snow Goose WARS!

SNOW BLIND It’s almost June as I write this, and the photos are still popping up on Facebook, piles and piles of birds, because Scott Butz is a little crazy, and blind to hunting any other type of bird. Butz, who invented those spinning kite things that have lured so many white devils to their death,… Read more »

Things to keep in mind when chasing Toms

  THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN CHASING TOMS: Tips from Team No Threat by Skip Knowles We hope you enjoyed the story last week of a hilarious failure of a turkey hunt from our opening day—there is much to learn from trying and falling short of your goal. There is even more to learn… Read more »

Team No Threat Strikes Out

 Team No Threat Strikes…out.  Opening day turkey shenanigans. By Skip Knowles Like a bunch of camouflaged kids eager as retriever puppies on their first duck hunt, we hit the field on the turkey opener with the 28 gauge Beretta and a load of HEVI number #5s. Patterning the guns had proven the loads should be… Read more »

Pre-Turkey Prep With a 28 Gauge by Skip Knowles

QUALITY TIME ON THE RANGE: PRE-TURKEY PREP…WITH A 28 GAUGE?! By Skip Knowles   After using the A400 28 gauge Beretta and dropping greenheads like wet mops in the timber on a big hunt with Sitka’s Jeff Watt (look for that story soon) using HEVI Shot 7/8 loads of #5s, the wheels really started to… Read more »

A Gun For Fun! By Skip Knowles

chiappa vidA GUN FOR FUN: A HEVI-Test for the new Triple barreled side-by-side-by-side   Ready to have some fun? The only thing more fun than a barrel of monkeys might be three of them, right? How about a three-barreled shotgun, the only 12 gauge semi-auto that doesn’t require a plug? Double-barreled, fixed breech shotguns, by… Read more »