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HABITAT FLATS TEAL: A HEVI-Shot® EXPERIMENT By: Skip Knowles Why would you hunt ducks with a 28 gauge, especially teal, the hardest of perhaps all birds to hit? Particularly when it will add to the stress of hitting your targets in front of a television crew? Because you’re using HEVI-Shot®, that’s why. I had little… Read more »

Hog Wild Monday!

Anyone else have a case of the Monday insanity hit their desk? This is what hit the HEVI-Shot office this morning….someone was using our Hog Wild product on a feral hog hunt that mandated non-toxic shot. Of course who else would you pick but us for that job? When the field detection device failed to… Read more »

Faster than a speeding bullet or slower than a turtle?

It’s teal season! We have waited all year for this time to finally come back and it is here! Unfortunately I didn’t get prepared for teal season (yes, I do Christmas shop on Christmas Eve at 4:00) and found myself wondering why I seem to shoot so many shells at those aerial acrobats but never… Read more »

Memories that last a lifetime

When you think about waterfowl hunting what memory comes to mind? Was it the first time someone took you on your first flooded timber hunt? Or the first time you took a youth out and they shot their first bird? Maybe your first banded bird? Mine isn’t my first hunt, my first band or my best shot.

HEVI-Shot® Magnum Blend is the best

HEVI-Shot® Magnum Blend 3 1/2″, HEVI-Shot® Turkey .662 choke, and a Remington 1187. I paced the shot off at 59 referee steps, no joke, I have 2 witnesses who saw it all. All I can say is , wow what a charge. Don’t pay attention to the 1200 fps, whatever. It lit that bird up… Read more »