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The Hevi-Shot Forums Admins and Moderators reserve the right to ban anyone at any time, for any reason, as well as edit and remove posts for ANY reason at their discretion.

The following may result in a ban being issued: Flaming, inapropriate language, and Trolling(Troll's are lame)

Ignorant Trouble Making
If you are thought to be causing trouble by a moderator, you will be removed from the forum. This includes leading another poster into a thread or “board trap” where one member tries to make the other one snap by messaging them or subtly suggesting something that would cause one to argue back. Our staff is fair and if they pass judgment that you are here to cause problems, you will be removed. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.We would like to operate in a civil manner. This is a publicly run website and will be treated like that for the members.

Be Nice, constructive, and considerate of all opinions
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