HEVI-Shot Pistol Ammo Test

By Skip Knowles

HEVI SHOT’s new line of 9 mm ammo turned in a stellar performance at the range in recent weeks with a wide variety of both handguns and shooters holding them.


The first run was completed in cool and terribly windy conditions at an Illinois gun range with one pro and two veteran shooters. Leading the pack was Ernest Langdon, a 12-time national pistol champion, instructor, as well as a sniper school veteran with a long glorious career in USMC and shooting schools. (You will easily be able to tell which groups are his!) He shoots as accurately and rapidly at a level very few folks on the planet can rival.

It was tough to share all the test ammo shipped to me by the crew at HEVI, but I couldn’t resist giving the other guys a shot at sending some of the new 9mm downrange since we were already at the range that day, wrapping up a World of Beretta episode on home defense, hosted by myself and Ernest. It was a rushed performance but you get the general idea from checking out the groups we shot below with various pistols.

CONDITIONS: Windy, 25 mph gusts, dry

FUNCTION: All shots for the initial testing by the three shooters were fired freehand at 15 yards and the ammo fed incredibly well with zero jams experienced in guns that were both dirty and needed lubing. This is pretty amazing given the fact that we used SIX different pistols! Barrels were average dirtiness level at end, so that ammo is relatively clean. Below is a list of the firearms that ran the new ammo.

GUNS USED: 1) Beretta Nano (super small 9mm); 2) Beretta PX4 Storm 3) Beretta M92 Compact 4) Beretta M9A1 5) SIG 2022 PRO 6) GLOCK

1) Nano-8” (super compact…this was definitely the shooter learning to adjust to this tiny CC gun).

2) PX4 – 3.5”

3) PX4-2.5”

4) PX4 3”

5) PX4-2”

6) M92-2”

7) PX4- 3.5”

8) PX4-2.5”

9) PX4-4”

10) SIG-3.5”

11) SIG-4”

12) Glock-5”

13) M9-5”

14) GLOCK-5”

15) M9-3.5”

16) M9-2”

17) M9-2.5”

18) M9-2”

19) SIG-4.5”

20) M92-2”

21) Nano-2.5”

22) Nano-2”

23) Sig-4”

24) Px4-4.5”

25) Glock-2.5”

COMMENTS: Again, these were all fired standing freehand with no support or rest in a strong wind. The results were overall really good accuracy, solid, with very few “flyers” reported. Ernest noted that “brass ejection was short, indicating they are maybe loaded on the light side”. The SOLE jam was from a brand new gun that was bone dry and needed oil. We lubed it up, then it never jammed again.

COMPARISON: We then ran 60 rounds of the old tried and true American Eagle 115 gr. ball ammo to compare:

1) Glock-2”

2) SIG-3”

3) M9-3”

4) PX4-3.5”

5) M9-2.5”

6) M9-3”

COMMENTS: Accuracy was virtually the same. Also accuracy could be greatly improved on shooter’s end if we were not shooting in powerful gusting winds, and switching between so many guns. But the five different guns was an awesome test opportunity, and the ammo ran smooth in them all.

LATER ON, FOR ACCURACY TESTING, I went back to the range alone with two really good-shooting handguns, among my favorites, an M92 and my personal SIG 2022. This time I did use a primitive rest, and while I expected tighter groups than were achieved standing freehand, I was shocked at just how much the SIG in particular loved this ammo.

The M92 groups were ½ to 1” tighter overall than the groups we’d fired (at 15 yards, again) on the first round of testing in the wind shooting freehand, but the SIG really wowed me, ratcheting right down to nickel sized groups of bullet holes touching. Which is as good as I can shoot with a DA/SA gun—if I could perfect the trigger squeeze and shoot a little better, who knows just how tight this little pistol would put these holes!


FOR A GRAND FINALE, I rattled off 100 rounds fast as I could reload to see how the ammo held up to hot guns and rapid fire. The results were splendid without a single jam.

HEVI SHOT is definitely headed down the right path with their new 9mm ammo, and a worldwide enormous market awaits them for this super-popular round. Smooth functioning, accurate and reliable feeding—that’s what you need in a 9mm load.