Memories that last a lifetime

When you think about waterfowl hunting what memory comes to mind? Was it the first time someone took you on your first flooded timber hunt? Or the first time you took a youth out and they shot their first bird? Maybe your first banded bird?

Mine isn’t my first hunt, my first band or my best shot. It was a beautiful winter morning a few years ago in Arkansas and I was on my first flooded timber hunt. After walking through the swamp for what seemed like miles we came to a little hunting shack out in the middle of nowhere. Hosting my family, was Terry Horton of Legacy Trails TV show, and we knew if anyone could get us on the birds it was him. While waiting for daylight to come, the smell of fresh brewed coffee and sausage overcame us. Our gracious host was making us breakfast!

My husband was shooting a 10 gauge that morning, my boys were shooting their 12’s and I was out there with my 20 gauge. Many will say that there isn’t any way that a 20 can match that type of firepower. My secret weapon? I had our Speed Ball 20 gauge #3’s loaded in my gun. My little 20 gauge was matching the 10 gauge’s reach shot for shot.

Sitting back and watching my boys try out our new Speed Ball loads and our HEVI-Metal loads, feeling the sun on my face, the sounds of birds coming to the call, I realized that soon my boys would be heading off to college. This might be the last chance that we had to be together as a family on a hunt. We all didn’t get our limits of birds that beautiful morning but we all came away with memories that still make us smile. We haven’t all been able to get back out on a hunt together, one is going to school in California, the other one has moved into more big game hunting, but we still talk about that timber hunt!