Mid-Morning Magnum Blend Tom

By Jeff Lindsey – The Lindsey Way

We love the springtime, and we enjoy turkey hunting with our family and friends as much as anyone! We do our best to film every hunt and one thing we like is having turkeys in our laps! We rarely put the decoys over 20 yards and most of the time they are well short of that. We just enjoy the close proximity and that nervous feeling of having a fired-up bird that near to you!

Successful Turkey hunt
It was a late April Midwest morning, and it was approaching 9am. We were still on the hunt for a gobbler for David, but had started doing other things. At this point in the morning, we were riding around inspecting food plots and stopped in a particular clover field to see how it looked. We had no sooner got the door opened when a lonely Tom hammered it a couple hundred yards away. We immediately went and hid the truck and started setting up. We were in a difficult situation as there were no sizable trees to set up under and still be able to see the field edge. Our only option was some small saplings that had great cover but limited visibility due to the brush.

Hunter showing his turkey tail
We remembered thinking, “put in the Magnum Blend, the bigger #5 shot size it has mixed in will not be as affected by the grass David may have to shoot through.” As soon as we set up, we let out 2 series of yelps, and this mid-morning loner was right in our lap! He was super close and a very patient bird. He was strutting all over the decoys and not offering much of a shot through the one clear window David had, but our cameraman, Kyle, let us know he was on him. He pulled the trigger and the bird never flinched! He probably could’ve handily taken the bird with a higher shot size but the peace of mind knowing he had that bigger shot in that setup gave David all the confidence in the world knowing the Magnum Blend would get the job done! It has been our go to blend a long time and it patterns like a dream!