2014 Recall Return Products Multiple Cases Pickup Request Form

Product recall ONLY affects our HEVI-Metal® & HEVI-Steel® 12 Gauge, 3” shells, and not all lot numbers are affected. Click here for more details.

Directions for Product Replacement:

  1. Please fill out the product replacement request form and submit it for only the shells you are returning. Please be aware that this recall affects only some of our 3” Hevi-Metal® and Hevi-Steel® shells. Not all of our shells are on recall. We will not be able to replace or return shells back to you that are not on our recall list.
  2. UPS will arrive to pick up your shells at the address you enter on the product replacement request form within 3 days of your completed submission with shipping labels. If you are not going to be home at the time UPS arrives, please leave your box on your porch CLEARLY marked for UPS Pickup or leave a note on your front door letting UPS know where they can find the box.
  3. In order to ship shells back to us, please package them in sturdy, corrugated cardboard boxes, seal the boxes with tape, print off the ORM-D Ammunition label (one for each shipping package) and tape the label SECURELY to the package, completely covering the label with tape so weather will not affect the label. If shells are not properly packaged and are lost in shipping, we will not be able to replace them.
  4. After we receive the shells back and confirm your return, we will send out your replacement shells.
  5. If you have any questions about this return procedure, please call customer service at 541-367-3522.

If you have only one shipping package, please use this product return form.

Please complete the following form for us, then we can replace your shells right away.

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HEVI-Metal® HEVI-Steel®
Note: Lot number can be found on the inside of the box lid
HEVI-Metal® HEVI-Steel®
HEVI-Metal® HEVI-Steel®
HEVI-Metal® HEVI-Steel®