It seems like yesterday I was scouting the turkey woods and now it’s already Father’s Day!  Instead of bemoaning the fact that 2015 is half over, I am ecstatic that waterfowl season is almost here! To help you with your Father’s Day shopping (and your wallet too) we are posting our fall waterfowl rebates early!  For any purchase made from June 20th – June 24th you will receive unlimited rebates.  Don’t hold back, if you buy 10 cases, you will receive 10 rebates! In order to access the rebate slip, please click on the link “2015 Waterfowl weekend” and print.  You can also print the rebate form off of our FaceBook page; Instagram page or give us a call at 541-367-3522 and we will mail one out to you right away!

Happy Father’s Day,

Kelly Sorensen

VP Sales & Marketing

2015 WATERFOWL weekend