Wounded Warriors

HEVI-Shot® is grateful to the men and women who give so much to keep us free.

For assistance with your Wounded Warrior event please contact moc.t1487613060ohsiv1487613060eh@se1487613060las1487613060.

William Wright in Foothill Ranch, CA



I want to send a huge thank you for helping us out with our Wounded Warrior hunt this year. On Jan 14th we had seven combat wounded marines from Camp Pendleton come out to our duck club for a day of hunting. The duck hunting was not the best but the marines made the most of it. The Coot and Ruddy duck population will never be the same! Your company deserves a huge thank you for sending ammo to help with this hunt. I contacted several manufacturers and was was told, “No we did a couple this year” or “No we just do not do that”. Environ Metal was the ONLY one to say yes and within a week of asking I had a box on my doorstep. Times are tough and I know companies are getting a lot of requests for charity. I was already a loyal HEVI-Metal shooter and knowing that you are a good company on top of that makes it even better. The marine sniper I had with me was wounded by an IED. His legs were badly damaged and his partners legs blown off. His rehab has been long and difficult. His background in hunting was limited to deer hunting in Michigan. Having never hunted ducks he asked me, “How do I aim?” I told him to just swing and snap the trigger when it feels right. Well at shooting time a Spoonbill made the mistake of flying too close and at 30 yards crossing he swung and crushed the bird. The 3″ HEVI-Shot sent the bird snowballing into the water. It was as if we had won the Superbowl with the high-fives and yelling! He turned to me and said, “I have not been excited about anything in a long time!” Thanks for being a part of this. I look forward to next season when we can do it again!

2nd Annual Bob Briggs Memorial Hunt 2012





Ronnie Gullion

SFC (Retired) Ronnie Gullion with Right: ProStaffer Justin Hill harvested a bird at the 7th Annual C.O.R.A. Wheelin Sportsman/ Wounded Warrior Turkey Hunt in Campbell Co. TN using Hevi Shot 3″ Mag Blend.