The founders of HEVI-Shot® were long-time waterfowlers frustrated by the poor performance of 1999-vintage waterfowl loads. In December 1999, they decided to launch a company to commercialize a revolutionary nontoxic tungsten-nickel-iron alloy developed by Dr. Darryl Amick of Albany, Oregon.

Within a year, the company began producing and selling HEVI-Shot® brand shotshells from a small rented space in Sweet Home, Oregon. Within two years, HEVI-Shot® received national exposure through a co-brand arrangement with Remington Arms Co. In 2005, ENVIRON-Metal, Inc. took back the brand and began production and sales of HEVI-Shot® products from our Sweet Home facility.

As a company founded by hunters, each step in our development is guided by the desire to make each hunt the best experience in the field you have ever had. Today, HEVI-Shot® products cover virtually any  type of shooting or hunting that uses a shotgun.


  • Pioneered the very first Heavier Than Lead® pellets
  • Developed the category of irregular pellet shapes, which boost lethality and reduce drag
  • First to couple non-deforming pellets with buffer and nanoparticle lubricants to generate our legendary tight patterns
  • Pioneered Dead Coyote!® varmint loads which completely trump #4 lead buckshot for spread and pellet count
  • Introduced Classic Doubles™, the first high-density product designed for classic and fixed choke guns, low recoil shells with frangible pellets
  • Only ammunition company to win at the NWTF World Record Still Target Shoot for 14 years in a row with our HEVI-13® turkey loads
  • Brought HEVI-Metal® to waterfowlers, with tungsten-like performance at steel-like prices
  • Our Magnum Blend™, HEVI-Duty®, Hog Wild®, and HEVI-Steel® products currently run ahead of the pack in innovation, performance, and value

The HEVI-Shot® Timeline:


Frank Morse and partners found ENVIRON-Metal, Inc. (parent company of HEVI-Shot®) to commercialize an alloy invented by Dr. Darryl Amick.


Ralph Nauman joins HEVI-Shot® as CEO, establishes Sweet Home facility for production of the new alloy product called HEVI-Shot®.

HEVI-Shot® wins Field & Stream’s Best of the Best for shotgun ammunition.

HEVI-Shot® shotshells win the National Wild Turkey Federation Still Target Championship, starting a tradition that has continued every year since.


HEVI-Shot® enters into co-branding arrangement with Remington, supplying pellets that Remington loads into shotshells under the Remington/HEVI-Shot® brand.


HEVI-Shot® introduces HEVI-Shot® Foster and Sabot Slugs, HEVI-13® turkey loads, the original tungsten-based HEVI-Steel®, and Dead Coyote!® (the first Heavier Than Lead® frangible pellet). The company buys its rented building and six additional acres for expansion.


At the expiration of the Remington deal, HEVI-Shot® begins producing our own shotshells in Sweet Home, Oregon.

HEVI-Shot® introduces a line of Black powder bullets.


HEVI-Shot® enters the bullet market with a proprietary tungsten alloy powder .223 bullet.

HEVI-Shot® introduces a home defense round Maximum Defense™.


HEVI-Shot® introduces Classic Doubles, the first high-density load designed for older, fixed choke, shotguns.


HEVI-Shot® introduces HEVI-Metal®, the first layered dual-density shotshell.


HEVI-Shot® introduces Magnum Blend™, the ultimate turkey shotshell.

HEVI-Shot® introduces a full line of ported turkey and waterfowl choke tubes.


HEVI-Shot® introduces HEVI-Metal® Pheasant loads.


HEVI-Shot® introduces Speedball®, the hardest hitting, tightest patterning waterfowl shotshell ever made.

HEVI-Shot® introduces HEVI-Metal® Turkey loads.


HEVI-Shot® launches Magnum Blend Reduced Recoil®; designed for full lethality but with a lighter touch on the back end.

HEVI-Shot® introduces HEVI-Duty®, a low-density frangible shotshell for home defense that reduces collateral damage in the case of a misaimed discharge.

Growth in demand leads us to expand our floor space by fifty percent.


HEVI-Shot® launches HEVI-Chokes™, a full line of non-ported and ported choke tubes for turkey and wing shooting.

At the encouragement of our retail partners, HEVI-Shot® introduces a revitalized all-steel HEVI-Steel®, new Hog Wild® pig loads, and four types of lead shotshells – providing HEVI-Shot® products for every use and every price point.