HEVI-XII 12 Gauge

Part # HS53304
  • Shot Size: 4
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1450
  • Shotshell Length: 3in. / 76mm

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WARNING for California Residents

Product Overview

Density Matters.  If you throw a ping pong ball and golf ball at the same velocity, which will travel further and hit harder?  This is the core of what our 12 g/cc tungsten shot is all about:   Hit harder at farther distance.  HEVI-XII is 53.8% more dense than steel, which translates to double the downrange energy!  This allows you to drop down 3 shot sizes for the same lethality.  This gives you 28% more devastating pellets on target.  More kills.  Fewer Cripples.  Better Stories. Pack in with HEVI-XII and walk out carrying extra weight.

  • The original 12g/cc HEVI-Shot tungsten pellets!
  • Super dense pellets at blistering velocities equal unmatched downrange performance!
  • Choose 3 shot sizes smaller than you would with your favorite steel shotshell! That is 28% more pellets in the air!


Gauge 12 Gauge
Shot Size 4
Muzzle Velocity 1450
Shotshell Length 3in. / 76mm
Type Tungsten
Shot Charge Oz 1 1/4
Density 12 g/cc
Package Quantity 25
Usage Waterfowl