One Shell for Canada Geese, Puddle Ducks and Divers

By Brook Richard

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hunter shooting a shotgun at a goose

I had the opportunity to try out the new HEVI-Metal Xtreme this season and boy was I impressed. We used Hevi-Metal Xtreme on our last trip to the Pacific Northwest and our entire crew was highly impressed with the versatility and knockdown power of this round. The variety of our hunts really put this new round to the test. We hunted giant Canada geese in a feed lot, puddle ducks in corn, and even divers on the rivers. I’m no scientist, but I know the thing that made the difference was density.

HEVI-Metal Xtreme has two layers. The leading 30% is original HEVI-Shot tungsten. That’s the stuff that HEVI-Shot is built on because it’s more dense than lead! The second layer makes up 70% of the shell with precision steel. In addition to that extra knockdown power from density, the tungsten layer is three shot sizes smaller than the steel pellets. They say that’s to match the ballistic performance of the steel, but all I know is it means I have more lethal pellets on target. The blend of 1’s and 4’s as well as the 3’s and 6’s allowed us to not worry about our lethality regardless of environment and targeted species!

The blended shot size paired with the 30% layered HEVI-Shot 12 density tungsten over 70% precision steel gives you the needed sense of confidence that you will remain lethal even at a distance. You pair all of this with the new Flitecontrol Flex wad and you have a real winner on your hands!

We put it to the test in the Pacific Northwest and it passed with flying colors. Do yourself a favor and pick up a box of the new HEVI-Metal Xtreme, and try it for yourself!

NEW for Fall 2023! HEVI-Shot is very excited to announce the next evolution of our HEVI-Metal line up: HEVI-Metal Xtreme!

HEVI-Metal Xtreme Breakdown

The most important thing to understand about HEVI-Metal Xtreme is that it’s layered using our Pattern Density Technology™.

HEVI-Metal Xtreme cutaway with component labels

The leading layer is composed of Original HEVI-Shot 12-Density tungsten. That’s more dense than even lead. The shot on this layer is 3 sizes smaller than the precision steel layer to give it the same ballistic performance. That also means more lethal pellets on target. This leading layer 12-Density tungsten hits 53% harder than the steel layer!

The second layer is composed of precision steel pellets. These pellets make up 70% of the shell.

FLITECONTROL FLEX® This rear breaking wad is designed to improve pattern density, consistency, and can be used with any steel rated choke.

Combined with blistering velocities, you can sum this up with one word: DEVASTATING.

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