Patterning The New HEVI-18 28-Gauge

By Jordan Summitt of Strut Commander

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shotshell being removed from a box of HEVI-18

I’ve been shooting HEVI-18 for the last few years. Its performance and lethality past 40 yards is very impressive!

As a turkey hunter, being mobile is key to success. And I prefer lightweight equipment because I put a lot of miles into a hunt.  The last several years I’ve shot a 20-gauge for that reason.

I was very excited when HEVI-Shot released the new HEVI-18 in 28-gauge! 

When patterning this load, I was very impressed with the pellet count at 40 and 50 yards. It wasn’t much different than my 20-gauge pattern, and the recoil was significantly less.

I’ll definitely be using a 28-gauge this season.  With its pattern on paper being so good, I can’t wait to try it on a bird.

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NEW Sub-Gauge Turkey Loads

With the growing popularity of sub-gauge across the hunting realm, we are proud to introduce our new 28ga 3” shotshells in HEVI-18 and our venerable Magnum Blend line! Hunters like Tony Vandemore have been switching to sub-gauge left and right, and it’s easy to see why. “I originally went to a 20-gauge primarily for turkey hunting.  It was smaller, lighter, and easier to pack around all day long,” said Vandemore, who hasn’t shot a turkey with a 12-gauge in over a decade.

Try the new sub-gauge loads today and see why it’s one of the fastest growing areas in the hunting world!  

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HEVI-18 TSS Turkey box and shotshell