A Turkey Shell For Every Hunter

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dead turkey laying on the grass


HEVI-Metal® has a higher proportion of HEVI-Shot® pellets than HEVI-Metal® waterfowl shotshells, so a 1-1⁄4 oz HEVI-Metal® Turkey shell has 263 pellets – about as many as a lead #4 shotshell with nearly 2 oz of shot (273 pellets)! Since the HEVI-Metal® Turkey load will pattern better than the lead load, you are much more likely to get your turkey with this inexpensive shotshell than you are with a traditional lead shotshell at any normal yardage. 

Shot Density: 30% Bismuth 9.6 g/cc layered over 70% Steel 7.8 g/cc

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12 gauge HEVI-Metal® Turkey packaging and shotshells


Sometimes just need to go with the ol’ tried and true. Magnum Blend® features our award winning HEVI-13® pellets, in a mix of shot sizes launched at higher speeds, creating a cone of lethality at any range. Ideal for open field hunting when you don’t have time to scope shot distance and have to decide quickly on the shot.

Shot Density: 12 g/cc

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12 gauge Magnum Blend packaging and shotshells


HEVI-Shot® goes ultradense with HEVI-18™ TSS Turkey, bringing best in class performance to turkey hunters. HEVI-18™ TSS 18 g/cc density pellets provide high pellet counts and long-range lethality. We achieve incredibly tight patterns thanks to our unique, friction-free, sealed-in-the-shell spherical buffer. If you haven’t shot a turkey with ultra-high-density HEVI-18 tungsten shot, you should try it just for the experience, which you must see to believe.

Shot Density: 18 g/cc

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12 gauge HEVI-18 TSS Turkey packaging and shotshells