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Waterfowl flying over marshland

When we set out to create a waterfowl shell that was non-toxic and performed better than lead, we rolled out the best shell on the market with our original HEVI-Shot. Now you can get that same downrange energy in a 25-count box.

HEVI-XII is made with our original 12 density tungsten. That extra density means more downrange energy and cleaner kills. It also means you can shoot 3 shot sizes smaller than your favorite steel shell. That’s a 28% increase of lethal pellets on target.

HEVI-XII is 12.0g/cc, which is 53.8% more dense than steel. That means more lethal pellets in a tighter pattern than penetrate deeper than traditional steel shells. In other words, more kills, fewer cripples and heavier straps when you’re packing HEVI-XII.